Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rising anger over power outages that have lasted eight days... as utility chief claims he has done a 'good job' - 6th Nov 2011

The president of Connecticut's largest utility said he believes most of the hundreds of thousands of customers still without electricity due to last weekend's snow storm will have their service restored by late Sunday night.

In spite of the numbers, the utility company president thinks that they have done well given the circumstances.

'I believe CL&P has done a very good job,' Jeffrey Butler, Connecticut Light and Power's president and chief operating officer, said Friday. 'This storm is of historic proportions... Have you ever seen such an event like this?

'The destruction of the trees was unbelievable.'

Mr Butler's assurances aren't going far enough, though, and the state's Attorney General George Jepsen is launching an investigation into the company's procedures.

This is the second investigation of the company in recent months, as the Attorney General started first investigating it after the company left many without power after tropical storm Irene this September.

Mr Butler is focusing his attention on the immediate matter at hand: the hundreds of thousands still without power.

He said seven times the company's normal number of line crews are working to restore power after the October snow storm, and it remains on track to restore electricity to 99 per cent of its customers by midnight Sunday.

The utility reported Saturday that about 176,000 customers are still without power- down from about 300,000 on Friday and 830,000 at the peak of the outages. Read More