Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Python Pool Fish Deaths, Public Urged to Stay Away, Millstream Chichester National Park, Australia - 22nd Nov 2011

People are urged to avoid Python Pool in Millstream Chichester National Park for the next few days after about 150 fish were found dead in the pool, possibly due to illegal fishing involving nets.

The dead fish are all spangled perch measuring up to six inches. No other fish species or animals have been found dead in the pool.

DEC senior ranger Marc McDonald said visitors to the popular park were advised not to swim in the pool, drink the water or fish there until further notice.

“DEC has taken samples of the water as a precaution, and while there doesn’t appear to be any sign of toxins in the pool, we are asking people to avoid the area,” he said.

“There is also a strong odour of decay in the pool, which would cause unpleasant conditions for visitors.”

DEC has posted warning messages at Python Pool and strategic locations within Millstream Chichester National Park. Read More