Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Priest takes rape claim to police, Australia - 29th Nov 2011

A breakaway Anglican Archbishop who claims to have been raped by a Catholic priest has officially filed a complaint with South Australian police, for the incident that occurred 40 years ago.

Archbishop Hepworth alleged he had been raped by three Catholic priests, one of whom was Monsignor Ian Dempsey.

The claim was aired publicly, after it was named under parliamentary privilege by Senator Nick Xenophon who severely criticised the church over its handling of the claims.

Yesterday, the Catholic Church announced its commissioned investigation into the allegations cleared Brighton priest Monsignor Ian Dempsey of the claims.

Archbishop Hepworth told 7News he felt 'ambushed' and had no warning of the findings from the investigation.

"I am formally requesting the police to examine the matter," he told reporters.

"It was never my intention to go beyond the processes of the church.

"I very much regret that I'm having to do that." Read More