Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Polish squatters 'move in' to affluent London area 'because rents are too high': UK

A group of Polish squatters have taken up residence in a £1m home in one of London's most affluent areas because "rents are too high" for them to afford to live in the area.

The six squatters "moved in" to the Victorian home in Highgate, north London, a fortnight ago.

The home is located a short distance from homes owned by Kate Moss, the model, and actor Jude Law.

They even put a sign up in the window stating that they are claiming squatter's rights and do not intend to move until rents in the area fall.

Figures show that rent for a five bed home costs about £5,000 a month.

One 24-year-old squatter told a local newspaper: "There are so many empty big buildings not in use - it's a big waste. more