Monday, November 28, 2011

Police Blamed For Spread Of London Riots ealier this Year - 28th Nov 2011

The spread of rioting across England occured because police failed to respond robustly to initial disturbances, a new report has claimed.

The Independent Riots, Communities and Victims Panel has spent the past four months examining the causes behind the unrest, while also studying how communities responded to the violence and looting.

Its interim report says that had police cracked down harder on disorder in the wake of the fatal shooting by officers in Tottenham of Mark Duggan, the riots would not have spread across the country.

It also calls for fundamental reform of the 1886 Riot Damages Act, through which many of those affected by the looting have been trying to claim compensation.

And there was criticism for insurers, who are accused of letting down the victims of riots. Read More