Sunday, November 20, 2011

Peace Plan for Syria Rejected - 20th Nov 2011

The Arab League has rejected a request by Damascus to amend plans to send a monitoring mission to Syria to stop the bloodshed in the eight-month uprising.

The 22-member body had given President Bashar al Assad until Saturday to abide by an Arab plan aimed at ending the country's violent crackdown on protests.

Sky News revealed on Friday that the Syrian government had sent a letter to the Arab League indicating its willingness to co-operate, but that some details in the plan still needed to be worked out.

But a day after the deadline, and they are no closer to reaching a solution, as the League has said the "drastic changes" put forward by Damascus would not be approved because they alter the "essence" of the plan.

The league wants to send a 500-strong mission into the country to monitor the situation. Its plan provides for the withdrawal of the government's tanks from the streets, the release of political prisoners and a halt to attacks on civilians.

The rejection comes as at least two rocket-propelled grenades reportedly hit a Syrian government building - and President Bashar al Assad vowing to defend and die in his country if necessary. Read More