Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Occupy Toronto protesters defy eviction order

Occupy Toronto protesters awoke Tuesday morning in St. James Park, their presence largely unchanged despite a judge’s ruling a day earlier that deemed the camp illegal.

On Monday, Justice David Brown issued a ruling that upholds city-issued eviction orders that demand protesters take down their tents and stop camping in the park.

At midnight, many residents showed up to support protesters in the park, which is at the corner of King Street East and Church Street. Most supporters left when it became clear that protesters would not be evicted from their camp, which has been in place since an international day of protest Oct. 15.

Police told CBC News on Tuesday they want to give protesters more time to leave, but CBC’s Trevor Dunn said most plan to stay.

“It really looks like any other day here at Occupy Toronto,” Dunn reported. “The only difference was that last night’s stay here was illegal. It looks like police are in no hurry to evict these protesters and the protesters are in no hurry to leave.” more