Monday, November 7, 2011

NY mayor talks tough on OWS as momentum grows

As clouds gather over the Occupy movement, with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg vowing to prevent Oakland-style violence, protesters told RT that momentum is growing for the cause and they are determined to stay.

A peaceful protest descended into fresh violence in the Californian city of Oakland, as police moved in to break up an Occupy rally there. At least 100 demonstrators were arrested.

The tough police action has also left another US army veteran badly injured, the second such incident in just over a week.

In Washington, DC, police arrested three Occupy protesters. RT’s Lucy Kafanov says it came as police actions have sparked fury after a driver who injured three protesters was allowed to leave the scene.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the Oakland-style violence will not be repeated in his city, though adding that some of the behavior seen at Zuccotti Park will not be tolerated.

That has left protesters fearing that New York police could be preparing to shut down the camps, as RT's Marina Portnaya reports. more