Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nuclear Attack simulation is carried out on the Paris Metro - 19th Nov 2011

They could be scenes from a disaster film with rescuers donning futuristic gas marks and carrying survivors to safety.

But these pictures show an exercise simulating a nuclear, biological and chemical attack at La Defense metro station, just west of Paris.

Rescue workers checked on volunteers involved in the chaotic scenes as they evacuated the busy station located underneath the Grande Arche building in the business district of the city.

The dramatic pictures show people lying on the floor as if injured, with others clasping cloths to their mouth as if trying to avoid breathing in noxious fumes.

Rescuers wearing bright yellow gas masks and white protective boiler suits flooded the station as they carried passengers outside, and equipped others with their own gas masks.

Crews used specialist equipment as they dealt with victims as if they had been contaminated.

The exercise saw the rescuers using their training for nuclear, biological and chemical attacks.

The simulation comes after a report by the Institute of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety who said in a 500-page report that safety measures in France's nuclear power plants must be strengthened immediately. Read More