Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nevada Inferno: Mother and daughter's tender hug after home is wiped out amid blackened trail of devastation - 20th Nov 2011

Surrounded by burning ash and debris, a devastated mother and daughter tenderly hug amidst the blackened rubble which was once their home.

But Karen Reuter and her daughter Madeleine Perry are not the only ones who have been left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Over 30 families are facing the same fate after their homes were also burned to the ground in a massive inferno which swept through the mountains of northwest Nevada.

The true horror of the damage caused by the blaze, which forced thousands to flee their homes yesterday, was only revealed as the blacked skies started to clear this morning.

An elderly man died after suffering a fatal cardiac arrest after evacuating, the only fatally known to have been claimed during the raging fire.

An evaluation of the 2,000-acre burn on Saturday found much more destruction and damage than had been initially reported, Reno Fire Chief Mike Hernandez said.

The estimated number of homes destroyed in a wind-fueled wildfire has more than doubled to a total of 32, but Gov. Brian Sandoval said it's a miracle scores more were not lost. Read More