Sunday, November 20, 2011

A major alert has been issued as Trading Standards search Salford shops for fake vodka made with 'lethal' chemical - 19th Nov 2011

A major alert has been issued after the seizure of 150 bottles of counterfeit vodka laced with chemicals that can put people in a coma.

Teams of trading standards officers worked late into the night yesterday to search 172 shops, off licences, pubs and clubs across Salford after the discovery of the highly-toxic booze.

The counterfeit products were found at stores in Langworthy and Broughton.

Council officials said the seized bottles – falsely branded as Smirnoff Red Label and an unknown brand, Drop Vodka – are potentially lethal and contain a chemical which can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness – and even induce a coma.

The first discovery was made yesterday morning when officers raided a shop in Langworthy and seized 74 bottles of the fake Smirnoff and 15 bottles of Drop.

It came after a resident contacted the council complaining of the booze ‘tasting funny’.

A further 15 bottles were seized from a shop in Broughton yesterday afternoon.

However it is feared many more could be on sale or have been bought. Read More