Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jose Pimentel arrested over a plot to detonate a bomb in New York City

A man has been arrested over a plot to detonate a bomb in New York City.

The city's Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, said a 27-year-old man was facing three terror charges following his arrest.

Mr Bloomberg said Jose Pimentel is an "Al Qaeda sympathiser" who was operating as a "lone wolf" without any links to foreign terrorist groups.

It is claimed that Pimentel, a US citizen, had armed forces personnel, police and postal facilities among his intended targets.

New York's police commissioner Raymond Kelly said Pimentel is an alleged follower of radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaqi, who was killed in a raid by the US in Yemen in September:

"(Pimentel) talked about killing US servicemen returning from Iraq and Afghanistan,particularly US army and marine corps personnel.

"He talked about bombing post offices in and around Washington Heights and police cars in New York City, as well as a police station in New Jersey."

"He talked about changing his name to Osama Hussein, to celebrate his heroes, Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein," Commissioner Kelly said.

Mayor Bloomberg showed the news conference a video reconstruction of the impact of the devices Pimentel is alleged to have been planning to use.

The footage shows a car being destroyed by an explosion. source