Tuesday, November 29, 2011

If You Eat Food, Do Not Read This

Unless you are very, very good at suppressing the gag reflex, you are not going to want to read a new blog put up by a former food industry executive, apparently as an act of contrition for his years of pushing food-like substances on an unwitting public. In his latest post, Bruce Bradley identifies a few of the things that are not only added to industrial food, but qualify under existing regulations for the label “all natural.” [Hair-trigger gag reflex? DO NOT CONTINUE READING.]

Human hair and duck feathers are the source of an amino acid that is used as a dough conditioner in many breads and baked goods. Of course it’s on the ingredients list: as L-cysteine or cystine. And it’s all natural.

Calves’ intestines are scraped for a substance known as rennet that curdles milk for cheese. Of course it’s on the ingredients list: as “enzymes.” more