Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Has the UK lost It's will to Fight? On the day of the big strike, picket lines are quiet, but shopping centres are packed

Militant union leaders failed in their campaign to bring Britain to its knees yesterday.

David Cameron dismissed as a ‘damp squib’ a strike billed as the biggest for a generation.

With picket lines sparsely populated, only a quarter of civil servants took action, the NHS suffered minimal disruption and Britain’s borders operated more smoothly than normal. JobCentres remained open, courts were sitting, rubbish was collected and driving tests went ahead.

However, schools were severely affected, with almost two in three in England closing their doors, forcing many parents to take a day off work or make emergency childcare arrangements.

Union barons insisted the strike, over reforms to generous public sector pensions, had been a ‘historic’ success and claimed two million joined the action. That figure was rubbished by the Cabinet Office, which said it was a wild exaggeration and probably only half that. Read More