Sunday, November 13, 2011

Germany's 'secret plans' to avoid economic disaster if the Greeks have to exit the EU........UNITED STATES OF EUROPE, Didnt they try this in the 40's?

Germany has worked out a top-secret Plan B in the increasingly likely event that Greece has to quit the eurozone - to minimise the economic wreckage left for the rest of the world.

Influential news magazine Der Spiegel reported on Sunday that, should Greece fail to implement the scorching economic reforms necessary to stay in the single currency club, German economic experts working for Chancellor Angela Merkel have been designing a 'limited pain' exit for the country.

It comes in the week David Cameron is due in Berlin to urge Mrs Merkel to do more to end the crisis wreaking havoc on the economy in the UK and across the world.

'Chancellor Angela Merkel is prepared for the possibility that Greece's new government refuses to carry out the tough austerity programme required of it in return for the next tranche of the EU-IMF bailout,' said Der Spiegel.

It claimed German finance ministry experts were working on a scenario under which a Greek exit from the eurozone could go off 'without too much difficulty'. Read More

The countries of the eurozone are going to have to co-operate much more closely on issues of tax and spending. There's got to be more integration - the kind of thing actually that Britain would not tolerate and is one of the reasons we didn't go in the euro.