Sunday, November 6, 2011

Deadly Landslide Hits Colombian City, Killing at Least 14 People and Dozens more Missing - 6th Nov 2011

A landslide caused by heavy rains in Colombia has killed at least 14 people and left dozens more missing.

Red Cross official Cesar Uruena said homes were buried in the city of Manizales in Caldas states, 102 miles (165km) northwest of the capital, Bogota.

Around 60 people are still believed to be missing and rescue teams have been searching through the mud to find them.

Caldas emergency services director Sandra Lopez said heavy rains pounded the area on Friday night and caused part of a mountain to collapse onto houses.

Colombia is having one of its worst rainy seasons in memory which has left 37 people dead and forced the evacuation of at least 245,420 people in the last week. Video Report