Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dead fish found in Salt Lake, India - 8th Nov 2011

Dead fish found floating in waterbodies in Salt Lake and Sector V has alarmed city environmentalists. Recently, Peoples' Green Society, a green NGO, noticed several fish dying on the small waterbodies off Sector V. A few other NGOs also noticed it.

Pollution of waterbodies with even hazardous waste thrown in them is the key factor behind this alarming phenomenon. Tonnes of waste generated by Sector V's umpteen roadside food stalls is dumped into these waterbodies. There is a large bheri beside SDF building near which several roadside eateries operate. Plastic and paper waste lie scattered over the entire ground just beside the bheri, polluting its water.

Local fishermen said the number of fish has declined over the years. "Fish die in quite large numbers when filthy water from the city enters these waterbodies through canals," said Nitai Mandal, a local fisherman.

Quite a few green NGOs have spotted filth in the bheris. "We recently conducted a survey at the spot and found several fish dying due to increased pollution. This is quite alarming," said Shyamal Ghosh, secretary of Peoples'Green Society, one such green NGO. Read More