Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cabinet official drinks glass of PURIFIED ground water from Fukushima plant to prove safety, give the boy a medal

A Cabinet official looking to prove the safety of purified ground water from beneath the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant put his money where his mouth is on Oct. 31, downing a glass in front of reporters.

Yasuhiro Sonoda, 44, senior parliamentary secretary with the Cabinet Office, drank the glass of water extracted from beneath the No. 5 and 6 reactor buildings at the plant after a freelance journalist had asked him to do so repeatedly. The ground water beneath the reactor buildings is contaminated with low concentrations of radioactive materials and is being put through a purification process.

According to plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co., the purified water in Sonoda's glass was drawn from a temporary storage tank at the plant on Oct. 22 and then boiled to sterilize it. The water had been desalinized, and also contained no detectable radioactive iodine or cesium. Source

Note: Is this the same TEPCO, who lied for months about the melt down before admitting to it? Imagine the Financial Cost to TEPCO if the water isn't drinkable.