Wednesday, November 9, 2011

'Betrayed' Students March Over Uni Fees, London - 9th Nov 2011

Students will take to the streets of London again later - almost a year after a mass protest over university tuition fees erupted into violence.

Organisers predict as many as 10,000 people will take part in the protest with students claiming the Government has betrayed them.

Four thousand police officers will be deployed and baton rounds have been authorised for use amid fears that the event could be hijacked by troublemakers.

Luke Denne, 22, who got caught up in the chaos last November, said it is crucial things pass off peacefully so the important messages can get across.

"It's all about public relations," he said. "Watching people smashing things up on TV is simply going to make people think students are troublemakers.

"It's easy to dismiss them. We need the public on our side."

He said the biggest issue is still the hike in tuition fees and the statistics show that university applications from poorer students have fallen disproportionately.

"Students don't expect higher education to be free but £9,000 a year is going to put people off. So students do need to march again. They should keep demonstrating."

One of the youngest turning out will be Callum Hurley who is challenging the Government in the courts. Read More