Monday, October 10, 2011

Undersea Volcanic Eruption has been Observed 7 Miles from El Hierro - NO DANGER TO THE PUBLIC - 10th Oct 2011

Reader Alerted us to this news breaking:

Seismic Observation Services have witnessed a undersea eruption at 1200 meters deep, 7 miles from El Hierro.

The eruption is ongoing and occurred at 10:43 Local time and follows an abrupt change to seismic activity which plagued the island in the past 2 weeks.

Director General of Security and Emergency of the Canary Islands confirmed that gases have been detected at 600 feet deep beneath the sea. This would indicate and confirm a eruption is taking place underwater but is not a cause of danger to the public.

As a precautionary measure, fishermen and divers have been advised not to go out to sea today.

Reports on Canarias 7, Four ships sent alerts to the Maritime Authorities regarding volcanic activity south of La Restinga at about 500 Meters deep. Source