Monday, October 17, 2011

Thomas Ryan the Rat who snitched on Occupy Wall Street protesters by revealing their emails to authorities

He's a cyber spy who’s gotten inside access to the Occupy Wall Street movement, and he's keeping authorities informed every step of the way.

Since the protests started last month, Thomas Ryan has been there, either keeping tabs on social media, or physically blending in.

His efforts came to a head on Saturday, when Mr Ryan revealed thousands of emails sent to an Occupy Wall Street mailing list.

They were picked up by conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, whom Occupy Wall Street supporters claim is smearing their efforts.

Mr Ryan also forwarded the emails to friends at the NYPD and FBI, as well as ABC to thwart planned protests at the network’s shows.

For such a clandestine security guru, it may appear curious that Mr Ryan revealed his name, but Gawker reported that he may have done so by accident, as emails he with his name on them were among those leaked. Read More