Monday, October 17, 2011

A third of teachers face 'devastating' false claims by pupils

Tens of thousands of British school teachers have been subjected to false allegations from a pupil that has placed their careers at “significant” risk, new research suggested yesterday.

Nearly a third of teachers has faced “hugely damaging” false claims from a student that had caused devastating consequences on their personal lives, it was claimed.

The survey of nearly 8000 teachers across the country found two in three educators would not intervene to break up a fight between students because of the potential risk to their career.

At least 20 per cent of teachers feel that most pupils have no respect for them, it found while a further 92 per cent felt the law gave too much protection to pupils and not enough to teachers.

Despite “99 per cent” of the profession expressing fears about the consequences a false claim could have, four in five teachers believe protections were currently “inadequate”.

Last night campaigners said the survey’s findings, highlighted the “continuing and significant risks facing teachers”. more