Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rebels Without a Cause are a Disgrace to the 99% and the Occupy Movement

U.S.: An Iraq war veteran was listed in critical condition on Wednesday from injuries he sustained at economic protests on the streets of Oakland, triggering calls for renewed Occupy Wall Street demonstrations across the country.


The 12th meeting of the General Assembly of the London wing of the international revolution against capitalism is not going smoothly.

The first item on the agenda relates to changing the banner that fronts the sprawling camp in the piazza surrounding London’s St Paul’s Cathedral.

It currently reads 'Capitalism is crisis’, but some demonstrators want it changed to: 'We are the 99 per cent.’ Unfortunately, there is a snag. Someone has nicked the banner.

I am undercover with the anti-capitalism protesters camped outside St Paul’s. I arrive early in the morning, carrying a tent in a hold-all and dressed in jeans, hooded top and coat.

A key activity is sitting around smoking joints and knocking back lager. Complaints circulate about drunk people urinating on the steps of the cathedral and on each other’s tents. It becomes clear that undisciplined behaviour is affecting the camp’s image and driving some of its residents away. Read More