Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pipeline leak spills 750 gallons of diesel in Great Falls. Montana - 14th Oct 2011

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality has confirmed an underground pipeline leak of 750 gallons of diesel at the Montana Refining Company in Great Falls.

According to DEQ officials, the refining company first reported the leak on Wednesday.

MRC tells us that the leak has now been cleaned and officials are continuing to work with the state.

The leak reportedly happened on a buried pipeline at the company's loading facility.

DEQ Enforcement Administrator John Arrigo says oil didn't reach surface water and it didn't seem likely the spill would get into the Missouri River waterway because the company caught it in time.

Still, he says the amount of oil spilled made this a big leak, noting, "I would say 750 gallons is a large spill in comparison to the amount of fuel they may be loading in a tanker truck at any one time. Tanker trucks can carry 5 to 8,000 gallons, so 750 is a larger part of that. I would say for this situation it's a large spill."

Arrigo says the company must submit a report to the state following the clean up.

He says unless soil samples don't seem accurate, the state has no reason to follow up with an on-site visit.

Refinery Manager Dana Leach says that the leak has been completely cleared and soil samples have already been taken.

Officials at Connacher Oil & Gas, the company that owns the Montana Refining Company, declined to comment on the leak. Source