Monday, October 10, 2011

Oklahoma gripped by plague of black widow spiders as numbers of reported bites DOUBLE since last year - 10th Oct 2011

A plague of black widow spiders in Oklahoma has resulted in almost double the number of bites reported this year than last.

So far 49 bites from the venomous spiders have been reported to the Oklahoma Poison Control Centre, as increasing numbers seek shelter from the heat in homes and gardens.

The centre has warned Oklahomans to be on the lookout for the eight-legged creatures, whose bites are invariably painful - and can prove deadly.

The outbreak of the venomous spiders seems to be concentrated around the Tulsa Metropolitan Area, KRMG reported.

A drought and heatwave in the area has sent them searching for cool, dark places like sheds and garages, spider bite expert Randy Badillo told the news radio station's website. Read More