Monday, October 10, 2011

OIL SPILL: New Zealand freight ship perilously close to breaking up and spilling 1700 tons of oil, CONTRARY to official information -- BREAKING NEWS.

Very important, please read (especially for those in New Zealand):

The Coming Crisis has acquired inside, verified information regarding the New Zealand Bay of Plenty oil spill. Contrary to media reports, the ship is in fact perilously close to breaking up, and is currently projected to lose structural integrity within the next 24 hours on a nearby reef.

Should the vessel break up as expected, it will release 1700 tons of oil, and will likely result in a massive environmental catastrophe. Added to this, several container ships on board the vessel contain cargo which, if combined with water, will dispense highly toxic fumes.

An Alert may be issue in the coming hours. Please spread this information and check back frequently for emergency instructions and updated information.