Sunday, October 23, 2011

Occupy Sydney protesters vow to continue despite Police Dawn Raid - 23rd Oct 2011

Reader Contribution;

Defiant Occupy Sydney activists say their movement will only get stronger after a dawn police raid ended their week-long protest in Sydney's CBD.

Police were accused of using excessive force in the 5am (AEDT) raid on Sunday in which police, including officers from the riot squad, cleared Martin Place of more than 100 protesters.

Forty people were arrested, with activists claiming they were manhandled off the site with little warning from police.

The group had been at Martin Place for over eight days as part of a global campaign against corporate greed.

"At 5am ... Sydney police joined Melbourne police in stamping out protests that are peacefully occurring in 1600 cities around the world," Occupy Sydney spokesman Tim Davis Frank told reporters in Sydney.

"This movement will only get stronger because of these illegitimate actions attempting to silence us."

Another Occupy Sydney spokesman, Mark Goudkamp, said he saw police throwing punches and protesters held on the ground with bloody noses, while his own wrist was held painfully behind his back.

"Police were clearly on a mission to get us out of there and they used whatever force they decided was necessary," Mr Goudkamp said.

"(But) the movement is still very much alive, and will continue, even if it is in another form." Read More