Sunday, October 23, 2011

Occupy Israel: Tents down, struggle continues

Israel is another country which has recently witnessed weeks of protests and calls for social justice. But while the tent camps are gone, the change demanded by activists is nowhere to be seen.

­The streets of New York have been seeing anger, outrage, and protests for over a month now. And some 10,000 kilometers away in different streets, but with the same scenes, Israelis are pushing towards the growing worldwide Occupy movement.

“The politicians in the United States exaggerated in the same way as did the politicians in Israel,” says Dr. Elisheva Sadan from Hebrew University. “They went too far in taking for granted their citizens.”

Not that long ago Israelis, inspired by Occupy Wall Street, were calling to occupy Rothschild Boulevard. Yanina Lebed joined the protests from the very beginning. She was inspired by what happened in Cairo and called her tent “Tahrir Corner.”

“We also had carpets here, people were sitting and we were playing music every evening, people were coming and talking to us,” said Yanina Lebed. more