Thursday, October 6, 2011

Norovirus confirmed in 50 People in Park City, Utah - 5th Oct 2011

The Utah Department of Health says dozens of people attending business conferences in Park City were confirmed to have contracted Norovirus, a sickness that causes flu-like symptoms.

Officials say people attending two separate business conferences came down with the sickness. They believe the outbreak is over, but they still want everyone to be careful and report suspected cases.

Summit County health officials say the most common place to get the Norovirus is where large groups of people gather. It is often seen occurring on cruise ships. In Park City it occurred at two large business gathering where people ate catered food.

"It's the 24-hour bug. It can cause dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting etcetera. Dehydration is really the largest complication," says Summit County Health Director Richard Bullough.

Those who contract the virus are seriously ill for a short time, but the spread of the disease is rapid. One in 15 adults in the U.S. will get it every year.

Though health officials say they believe the outbreak is over, they still want caution to be exercised. Read More