Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mole Man's Dilapidated home Now Selling for £500,000 - 2nd Oct 2011

He became known as the 'Mole Man' after digging a labyrinth of tunnels underneath his London home.

Now, the late William Lyttle's house is up for sale. Despite not having a roof and being a structural death trap the 20-room home in London's Hackney carries a guide price of £500,000.

Mr Lyttle, a retired civil engineer who died aged 79 last year, spent 40 years tunnelling a 60 foot-long path of tunnels under his house.

These extraordinary pictures show how the house looks now and give a rare glimpse of what Mr Lyttle's subterranean labour of love looked like during his lifetime.

Hackney Council discovered his tunnelling activities in 2006. They also discovered skiploads of junk, including the wrecks of four Renault 4 cars, a boat, scrap metal, old baths, fridges and dozens of TV sets.

He was evicted when the house almost collapsed due to the network of passages underneath. He was then put up in a hotel for three years, at a cost to the taxpayer £45,000, before being re-housed in a nearby council-owned property. Read More