Sunday, October 2, 2011

Map charts listeria outbreak as experts warn outbreaks are becoming more common - 2nd Oct 2011

The recent listeria outbreak from cantaloupe melons has sickened more than 72 people across the U.S., with large-scale occurrences of serious illnesses linked to the tainted food growing more common.

Experts have warned that these outbreaks are becoming more frequent over the years, partly because much of what we eat takes a long and winding road from farm to fork.

A cantaloupe grown on a Colorado field may make four or five stops before it reaches the dinner table.

There's the packing house where it is cleaned and packaged, then the distributor who contracts with retailers to sell the melons in large quantities. A processor may cut or bag the fruit. The retail distribution centre is where the melons are sent out to various stores. Finally it's stacked on display at the grocery store. Read More