Monday, October 17, 2011

Latest architectural wonders take ‘greenhouse’ effect to new level

With ecologically-friendly policies on the rise, new homes appearing on the Russian horizon are unlike anything this country has ever seen.

One of them is the Active House project, a prototype for green living being undertaken by a society keen to get in line with new federal energy efficiency laws.

First on the list of priorities is daylight, which is in huge demand across Russia. The daylight factor in this house is 10 times higher than the Russian norm. The second priority is fresh air. Carbon monoxide detectors alert windows to open automatically or high grade ventilation systems to kick in when oxygen levels need to be replenished. The price of construction is about $1 million for a 230-square-meter house.

“This project in a way reflects those recent tendencies in Russian society to think more,” Vera Leonova, manager of the Active House Project, told RT. “And for us, as a development company, it’s important to be a pioneer and to be at this early stage of interest in this field. Because it’s quite a sophisticated field, and you need some time to investigate it to understand how things work, to understand how things cost, so as to be successful at a later stage when this type of housing becomes more popular in the market.”

Leonova’s team will measure energy consumption when the family lives there, look at the results, then find a more affordable design model for the modern Russian family in the future. more