Thursday, October 27, 2011

Japanese cyber security in question after data stolen from government, defense contractor - 27th Oct 2011

The cyber security of Japan has fallen into serious doubt after revelations that viruses carried in targeted e-mails have stolen sensitive data from a Japanese defense contractor, the Foreign Ministry and overseas diplomatic missions. Infections were also recently discovered on the work computers of House of Representatives members and its servers.

As the virus-laden e-mails have all been targeted at core government institutions and the defense industry, law enforcement authorities are increasingly viewing the infections as a potential threat to national security and Japan's foreign relations.

In August this year, the National Police Agency (NPA) set up a cyber attack information system including some 4,000 companies dealing with sensitive high tech info. According to a study by the participating firms, between April and September there were 890 assaults on their systems -- essentially becoming a chronic, everyday problem. The attacks are particularly dangerous because off-the-shelf anti-virus programs cannot detect the exotic infections being used. Read More