Monday, October 31, 2011

Israel strikes back after attacks: War with Gaza seems imminent

AN Israeli air strike has killed a Gaza militant just hours after Islamic Jihad vowed to observe an Egyptian-brokered truce following a day of violence that killed 10.

The spike in violence, which began when a rocket hit Israel on Wednesday and escalated sharply over the weekend, was the most deadly confrontation in and around the Gaza Strip in more than two months.

Shortly before dawn yesterday, militant groups including Gaza's Hamas rulers and Islamic Jihad, which has been central to the latest bloodshed, said they would observe a truce as long as Israel reciprocated.

Calm prevailed for some eight hours before Israel mounted a fresh air strike on what the military said was "a terrorist squad that was preparing to fire rockets at Israel", killing one militant and wounding another.

The attack raised to 10 the number of Palestinian militants killed in little more than 24 hours, as well as one Israeli, who died after being hit by rocket shrapnel. more