Sunday, October 9, 2011

Important Elenin Update: The Coming Crisis believes a 4th quake event *did* in fact occur, and here's our evidence (New posts below)

A concerned reader and friend wrote in to us with feelings of confusion over no 4th Elenin alignment quake event taking place, despite all the data pointing toward the likelihood of such an occurrence happening. However, after weeks of analyzing the information surrounding the comet and arriving at some startling conclusions, we've determined that a 4th alignment event did in fact happen, meaning she was not only correct in her observation, but so where many others.

We posed the question to ourselves: How could three alignments with corresponding quake events take place? How could it be such an enormous coincidence?

The answer, simply, is that it couldn't, or at the very least it would be incredibly, incredibly unlikely to happen.

We were all so hyped up on some catastrophic quake sinking Japan into the ocean or whatnot that we completely ignored the obvious: the massive 6.9 quake in India that killed at least 111 people and forced the rescue of hundreds of others.

Here's the collected evidence:

1) Huge 6.9 quake. The only reason it wasn't larger was because it was right next to the mountains. had it been in the middle of India, it would had likely amounted to a 7.x, and killed in the thousands.

2) It was in India/Nepal/China. Events in less networked regions of the world often go unreported, under reported, or outright forgotten. We may never acquire a comprehensive casualty count, and the sensor data itself in that area is also likely to be sketchy. Perhaps it was a 7.x+ quake after all, although we may never know, especially with the way "authoritative sources" handle their published data these days.

3) The event was big enough to be felt throughout India. No exaggeration, our website absolutely lit up with visitors and comments from the Indian subcontinent. Tales of fear and tremors were exchanged freely and rapidly in the comments section. That day marked our highest ever traffic in the history of our website.

4) NASA's JPL projection of the comet's path may be slightly off. Bear with me, this gets a bit complicated: The projected path of the comet during the Japan quake had it slightly behind the alignment by a few days, meaning that on NASA's projection diagram, if you looked at the "alignment" line, you'd find Elenin trailing a few days behind the date of the Japan quake. If that miscalculation was still applied, then the next quake would have been about a week or so before the next projected alignment date. Lo and behold, the projected alignment date was Sep 25-28, and the Sikkim (India) quake occurred on Sept 18. That alone is eye-opening.

5) Disintegration propaganda. Everyone was saying that nothing would happen because the comet was gone. Yet, not a single source can be found to back this up aside from conjecture by a few amateur astronomers, one of which is Leo Elenin himself. Wikipedia says the comet is still very much alive. NASA hasn't said otherwise. If anyone can point to concrete, verifiable evidence that Elenin no longer exists, please email us so we can update our own information.

All the facts and numbers are pointing at a 4th quake event connected to Elenin, and we're certainly not attempting to grasp at straws to force this to be true in order to save face. If we were wrong, and we loudly exclaimed that we wanted to be the entire time, we would be the first to admit it.

The Sikkim quake is definitely the 4th event alignment event in our observation.

Had everyone (including ourselves) not been expecting something of epic proportions, they would have connected all these dots far more easily and the quake would have been accepted as the 4th major alignment event.

We will keep a look out for a 5th event, which, if the misalignment theory is correct, should happen in early November, approximately 9 or so days prior to the next projected alignment window of November 15-18.

Keep your eyes open, everyone.

-- Matt & Lynsey

P.S. This is intended to be a discussion to help us get to the bottom of the matter, not a club to beat others with differing opinions over the head with. Disagreement is welcome as long as it's polite and respectful. Together, perhaps we can formulate an answer.