Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Freak tornado rips roof off nursery leaving terrified toddlers surrounded by the wreckage, Cumbria - 18th Oct 2011

A freak tornado ripped off a nursery roof leaving frightened toddlers surrounded by wreckage.

The twister destroyed a shed on the street in Mirehouse, Cumbria, smashed windows of neighbouring houses and left rubble strewn across the playground of Tamalder Childcare.

Four panicked staff members managed to help the ten children in the building to escape after the whirlwind hit at 4.30pm yesterday.

'It looks like a bomb exploded,' said nursery owner Donna Duff. 'There is no roof on it whatsoever.

'The full roof has been taken off with bricks still attached. It was thrown on to the playground.

'It has just been lifted and thrown. The guys next door said they saw a twister.

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