Monday, October 10, 2011

Fox admits friend Adam Werritty was present during 18 trips overseas and visited him at MoD 22 times and vows not to bring him to work again

Dr Liam Fox today admitted his friend Adam Werritty was present during 18 overseas trips including a number while he was on ministerial duty.

The admission came when the Defence Secretary made a statement in the Commons about allegations concerning his close working relationship with his best man, surrounding business meetings they allegedly attended.

Dr Fox also said Mr Werritty had met him 22 times in Government buildings since he was appointed a Minister.

He said: 'At no point did he attend departmental meetings, at not point did he have access to classified documents and at no point was national security at risk.'

Mr Werritty did not receive payment as a result of arranging a meeting between Dr Fox and a lobbyist in Dubai, he added.

The Defence Secretary also vowed not to meet his former flatmate again while conducting official business overseas or allow him access to the Ministry of Defence.

He added: 'This will ensure that the appearance of potential wrong-doing will not occur in future.' Read More