Friday, October 7, 2011

Explosion rocks Regina refinery, Canada - 6th Oct 2011

Shaken by an explosion that some described as a massive fireball, workers huddled in groups in the fields surrounding the Consumers' Co-operative Refineries Ltd. (CCRL) in north Regina on Thursday afternoon.

Ten construction workers were injured in the explosion. Eight were taken to hospital to be treated for burns, two were treated at the site.

The explosion and fire broke out shortly after 2 p.m., said Gilbert Le Dressay, the refinery's manager of safety, environment and training and the incident commander.

"The situation is under control and there is no immediate danger to the people on site and/or the community, but unfortunately when the incident happened, we did have 10 injuries that we've accounted for right now," he told reporters. "We've had eight people sent to the hospital for evaluation of burns and two people being treated on site for minor injuries."

At mid-afternoon, he didn't know the severity of the injuries.

A foreman for Chemco electrical contractors, who declined to give his name, described the massive explosion. Read More