Monday, October 17, 2011

El Hierro Update: Residents can return to La Restinga within 24 Hours - 16th Oct 2011

President of the Canary Islands, Paulino Rivero, announced this morning that the residents of La Restinga could return to their homes in the next 24 hours. During this time the tunnels Roquille in the town of Frontera will also be reopened.

This decision is based on reducing the level of seismic activity that scientists have detected and parameters observed in the evolution of the eruptive process. In this sense, it was determined that there is no danger to the public on the current situation and that this could be extended in time from days to months.

In any case, the Prime Minister stressed that the return home of the inhabitants of La Restinga they will have to take important precautions and extreme vigilance day and night, so that if any change occur in the development of the eruptions, they are ready for a quick evacuation.

Note that the teaching of the classes will remain in El Pinar, and people that are bedridden will have to remain away from La Restinga for the time being.

The Chairman also announced the installation of several hydrophones in the spring of La Restinga, by Jaume Almera Institute (CSIC). This equipment will allow the position to know which is the central issue, and the direction of the crack, and could detect if it were to produce the appearance of a new source of emission.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister said that drop of seismic intensity and placing a mesh estarse protection in tunnels Roquille reduces the risk of landslides.Therefore the Executive is planning to open the tunnel to traffic within 24 hours "under control measures, security and surveillance extreme".

Regarding navigation, Rivero reiterated that maintaining the exclusion zone but allow fishermen to move their boats to the port of La stake for them to continue fishing.

Finally Rivero stressed the exemplary behavior of the population of El Hierro and especially the residents of La Restinga, and confirmed that it would take a package of measures aimed at individuals, freelancers and small businesses who have been affected by the consequences of this phenomenon . Source

UPDATE: 17th Oct 2011

The evacuation order for La Restinga stayed in place today and residents were told they could not go back home at this time.

There will be another update 18th October 2011