Wednesday, October 12, 2011

El Hierro is Kept in Suspence about risk of Volcanic Eruption, Government calls for Calm as they prepare to meet the Media - 12th Oct 2011

The president of the Canary Islands Paulino Rivero said there is no accurate data on the reorientation of the Magma which has resulted in the evacuation of La Restinga.

He has asked for the people of El Hierro to remain calm on Wednesday during uncertain times as the Alert remains on RED for a possible eruption on La Restinga.

At an earlier press conference at the Plenary Hall of the City of El Hierro, Rivero assured people that the situation remains the same and said "there is no accurate data on the reorientation of the magma, which remains the same as in the last hours.

Note Update: The government has in the past hour called upon media to meet at 18:30 this evening as they have an announcement, I will Update this once it has gone live.