Monday, October 10, 2011

El Hierro 4.3 Magnitude Earthquake DID NOT Spark Volcanic Eruption Alert - Alert Remains on YELLOW

Seems that the journalist and news channels prefer to copy news (true or false) from a blog rather than check the facts with headlines to Match. On Saturday a 4.3 Magnitude hit just of the coast of the Island of El Hierro which is the biggest to hit the area to date since the swarm started. This earthquake did produce minor landslides (not a volcanic eruption) in Tacoron Road to La Restinga.

One blog translated this event into "the Regional government of the Spanish Canary Island of El Hierro has Issued a volcanic Eruption Alert and closed roads to the public" this of course being picked up by a few main news channels without actually checking if this was true.

The alert was on Yellow and is still on Yellow this is an indication that the chance of an eruption taking place is 15%. The roads closed due to landslides NOT eruption or imminent Eruption.

The vulcanologist have continued to state in the News that the chance of an eruption is still at 15% even following the 4,3 from Saturday, they also stress that to produce a Volcanic Eruption other elements will have to take place and not just the magnitude of the earthquakes.

Since the start of July 2011 the area has experienced 11.058 earthquakes.