Saturday, October 22, 2011

Documentary: The War You Dont See (A Guerra que voce nao ve)

A Guerra que voce nao ve - The War You Dont See (2010) Legendado PT from MDDVTM TV11 on Vimeo.

Editor's Note: Up until now we have only been able to publish the trailer for this movie. John Pilger's film documentary has been widely censored in the United States. But our intrepid Axis readers who offer penetrating insights in our Readers Comment section, The Black Widow and The Dream found it on Vimeo after a long and tedious search. We are grateful to them for finding the full movie and sending it to us. The Dream reports that it is listed as "See the Video Free Online" in many places on the web, only to find that it had been removed. Pilger's film is definitely one that you'll want to see and one the real state terrorists don't want you to see. A description of the film can be found below the video. source