Monday, October 31, 2011

Defector floats his rescue socks into North Korea: "Brothers and sisters, until reunification, please stay alive"

Reporting from south of the Korean Demilitarized—
The oblong balloon rose into the ink-colored sky Saturday just south of one of the world's most fortified borders, its cargo bound for North Korea.

Yet unlike countless balloon launches that shower North Korea with pamphlets and political screeds criticizing Kim Jong Il's secretive regime, this one carried a different kind of payload: socks.

In all, hundreds of pairs were lifted heavenward by 10 helium-filled balloons: little pink baby booties and large black-and-blue ones for growing children and adults, all headed for impoverished North Koreans facing the oncoming winter.

"Brothers and sisters: We haven't forgotten about your suffering," read a note attached to each pair. "Until unification, please stay alive. People around the world love you." more