Sunday, October 2, 2011

David William Hamilton 'kills parents' in their home months after he was released from mental institution - 2nd Oct 2011

Police have arrested a mentally-ill man in connection with the death of his parents, whose bodies were found at their home on Friday.

David William Hamilton, 26, from Huntersville, North Carolina, was arrested at a motel on Friday night after his sister reportedly found their parents' bodies.

Huntersville Police Captain Michael Kee said Hamilton was living with his parents - James and Stephanie Hamilton - at the home after being released from a mental institution earlier this year.

Police say they negotiated with Hamilton to get him to come out of his Myrtle Beach motel room, but did not say if they spoke with Hamilton directly or through family members.

When he finally exited the room, he was ordered to the ground by police officers with guns drawn. Hamilton was then arrested under warrants from the Huntersville Police Department.

MBPD secured his vehicle - a stolen SUV - and searched his hotel room for any items that could have been related to the double homicide at his home. Read More