Friday, October 7, 2011

The Current State of the U.S. Economy

Protests on Wall Street turned violent Wednesday when police clashed with demonstrators marching through Lower Manhattan in the largest show of strength yet for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Police said late Wednesday that 28 people were arrested during the march, mostly for disorderly conduct, the New York Post reports. One police officer suffered minor injuries after being knocked off a scooter, according to the newspaper.

At one point, protesters were reportedly Maced and threatened with police batons when about 150 marchers demanded access to Wall Street from Broadway.

The protests against corporate America are expected to spread to New Jersey on Thursday as a show of solidarity with demonstrations that started last month outside the New York Stock Exchange.

Rallies are planned at the Statehouse in Trenton and in Jersey City. Protesters are expected to call for an end of corporate control of government, starting at 2 p.m.

The initial protests in New York City, called Occupy Wall Street, started Sept. 17 and have since spread to other cities. more