Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'Battle of Basildon' begins: Travellers in lockdown as bailiffs prepare to launch Dale Farm eviction - 19th Oct 2011

Dale Farm was in lockdown today as hundreds of bailiffs finally prepared to clear the site after travellers lost their battle to stay on the site.

Last minute work to reinforce the barricades behind the main gate at the site in Essex was carried out yesterday. At dawn three people will chain themselves to the entrance by the neck.

Yesterday two cars and a former Russian military vehicle were parked behind the gate. Piles of wood and bricks were piled up at key points as the complex was secured.

Despite the potential for ugly confrontations, sources at Basildon Council were quietly confident their £8 million operation - £18 million if the police presence is included – was better placed to succeed than on September 19 when the emergency injunction was approved.

Dozens of activists have returned to the site in the hope of taking part in the 'Battle of Basildon'. One shouted: 'This time it’s war - bring it on.' Read More