Saturday, October 22, 2011

Baby Lisa's parents hit back: Smell of death picked up by police cadaver dog could be DECADES old, says lawyer

A lawyer for Baby Lisa's parents has hit back at reports of police cadaver dog smelling the scent of a dead body on a bedroom floor in the house.

Cyndy Short the cadaver dog development could be misleading detectives because the scent could be decades old.

Miss Short told Good Morning America: 'My understanding is that there are cold cases where dogs have hit on scents of decomposition that have been in the home for as long as 28 years.

'This is an old home - 63 years old. There could be a lot of other explanations for that.'

But former FBI agent Brad Garrett said the dog have a great accuracy record.
He said: 'In studies done of cadaver dogs where the dog has direct access to the scent and its reasonably fresh - its above 90 per cent.'

On Friday it emerged that a cadaver dog got a 'positive hit' during a search at the home in Kansas City, Missouri, where the 11-month-old vanished two weeks ago. Read More