Monday, September 19, 2011

'We'll only leave in body bags': Activists chain themselves to barricade as Dale Farm eviction begins - 19th Sept 2011

Hundreds of anarchists turned Europe’s largest illegal traveller site into a fortress today to defy bailiffs in what they say will be the ‘Battle of Basildon’.

Menacing activists, wearing scarves over their faces, launched ‘Operation Lockdown’ to stop the authorities from bulldozing Dale Farm for a planned eviction this morning.

The huge metal gates at the front of the site were this morning sealed shut and every other entry point was heavily fortified with high metal fencing, barbed wire, gas cylinders, car tyres and old washing machines.

Piles of bricks have been placed behind each barricade, prompting fears they could be used as weapons when the bailiffs arrive this morning.

One woman put her life on the line as she chained herself by the neck to a scaffolding pole in the barricade.

There was also a sign warning about the protester, which stated: 'Danger of death. Behind this gate a woman is attached by her neck. If you attempt to open this gate you will kill her.'

Meanwhile, Northern Irish TV presenter Gloria Hunniford arrived by taxi at the site this morning.

In displays of resistance likely to be repeated throughout the day, dozens of protesters had chained themselves to items inside the site. Read More