Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vacationer could face charges after he returns to cabin to find a bear in his kitchen and kills animal by 'shooting it six times' - 7th Sept 2011

A Marine and former police officer is suspected of shooting dead a three-year-old black bear that broke into his remote cabin in Estes Park, Colorado.

The Nebraska man, identified only as John, reportedly left his windows open and groceries out when he went out on Thursday evening.

He returned to the cabin to find the bear rummaging through his food and chased it into the woods, firing 'six or seven' fatal shots, according to Jayne Zmijewskie, a volunteer with the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Ms Znijewskie criticised the man for not letting the bear run away, claiming the animal was 30 to 40yds away from the man when the incident occurred.

She told 'It's a tragic situation and it should never have happened. The bear was afraid and tried running away.' Read More