Monday, September 12, 2011

Union leader warns Government of civil unrest over 'attacks' on pay and pensions - 12th Sept 2011

The leader of Britain's biggest union warned yesterday that 'nothing should be ruled out' in the battle against cuts.

Len McCluskey, the militant boss of Unite, said unions are plotting everything from strikes to mass civil disobedience.

The warning from the man dubbed 'Red Len' raises the prospect of the country being crippled by a wave of militancy which threatens to cause chaos.

The 61-year-old said: 'My view is that we should rule nothing in and nothing out.

'Every conceivable form of protest and action should be carefully considered, from civil disobedience through to co-ordinated industrial strikes.

'Everything should be considered in the fact of the type of onslaught that we are looking at.'

Speaking on the eve of the Trades Union Congress, which starts today, he said the poll tax protests are evidence of 'people power' making a difference.

The protest in London in March 1990, which followed a wave of demonstrations around the country, led to violent scenes, with looting, smashed shop fronts and mounted police battling to control protestors.

The poll tax was scrapped within months of the riot, was integral in the fall of Margaret Thatcher, and was eventually replaced by council tax in 1993. Read More